The theme of the Kujukushima Zoo&Botanical Garden is the healing of your mind by the nature of the Kujukushima. In the park, you will feel like surrounded by the nature, the vigorous animas with adorable expression.

The Penguin Tank

You can enjoy watching penguins 
from several direction. The biggest overhead aquarium for penguin in Japan / The first shallow aquarium in Japan
watching penguins deck

Come to see the penguins waddle around the outside deck.

Shallow aquarium

The first shallow aquarium in Japan(about 7㎡), a part of it is only 5cm deep. You can watch the penguins walking above your head.

Overhead aquarium

The biggest overhead aquarium(about 80㎡) in Japan. Most of the indoor ceiling of the 1st floor is a underwater window, so many people can watch the penguins swmming and diving into the water at the same time. Since there is no roof on the pool,you can see the sky trough the water. When it‘s a nice weather, you can see the penguins just like flying in the sky!