Can I pay by credit card or electronic money?

You can pay by credit card. Electronic money is responding with ID and WAON.

Please tell me about the facilities in Mori Kirara.

Here is the detailed information of facilities in Mori Kirara.

Multi-purpose Restrooms

2 places

  • Nearby the Underground Castle
  • The penguin tank (1F)
Men・Women‘s Rsetrooms

4 places

  • Next to ticket counter
  • Next to mori cafe
  • Nearby the Underground Castle
  • The penguin tank(1F)
Species and number of animals and plants

Animals→66 species 228 animals

Plants→1200 species21000 plants

Nursing room

1 places

  • Nearby the Underground Castle
Inside the garden,nearby the Animal Encounter Stage.
Restaurant’s name:「mori cafe」
Nearby the Enterance.
Shop’s name:「ZOO SHOP Kirara」

Do you have wheelchairs/strollers rentals?

Wheelchairs and strollers are available for free rental on a first-come, first-served basis.
※ We cannot accept reservations.

Do you have lockers?

There are lockers available next to the ticket counter.

The carrie bag and big szie luggage can be lefted at the ticket counter.

Can i bring my pet ?

Any animals are not allowed to bring except the service dog.

Can i bring the play things into the garden?

The play things such as ball,frisbees and children’ bicycles are not allowed to bring into the garden.

Can I smoke in the garden?

Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the garden. The smoking area is outside of the entrance.